Autumn’s Concerto Episode 10

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347 thoughts on “Autumn’s Concerto Episode 10

  1. [YT] oh great, there are actually non VIC fans hahah i thought i was the only one since ppl r basically sad that he didnt win an award i never really like him acting or his face. Jerry has always been the HOT one hahah but Vanness’ clean cut image here is not bad either..

  2. [YT] same here. never really liked vick – just cant stand his mandarin. Jerry is totally hot – his face and hairstyle remind me about kimura takuya so much but well his performance is …um…how to say…差強人意…
    vanness here is all hot and sweet and smart and strong and with breathtaking act skills! i am impressed.

  3. [YT] yeah hahaha… its crazy. i mean i know that taiwan is relying no manga into live action but some are just too NAIVE n FOOLISH but i guess taiwan stars need those since its helped RAINIE n such girls became so famous… sigh….

  4. [YT] LOL! same here. i could only watch one episode of momo love. It’s way too silly. I liked Cyndi when she acted in the Wedding Gown or whatever the name was. Now she’s still staying to maintain her status as the 甜心.. i think it’s a bit disgusting.

  5. [YT] haha.. i dont know the beginning wasnt too interested in this as well but after that cute kid came out its quite touching n funny least this series is not OVERLY NAIVE u momo love??? i just dont get it….

  6. [YT] urasiansourceCpop,

    yeah they were making such a big deal that zai zais didnt win or something it was another newcomer who won but who says newcomers cant WIN u know… i never practically like zai zai’s acting and Jerry is HOT all over hahaa but i think i his series like 15 mins and thats it..

  7. [YT] agreed.
    black and white is one of the good series of the year, but i only watch 15 secs of it and said i would watch it, but i never did.
    yeah, this is a great comeback. Vanness needs better ones.

  8. [YT] 這齣戲的收視率,我相信小小彬是一大功臣,

  9. [YT] @berrypinky: That’s not it. They have manufactures that are near the land. The manufactures produced a lot of poisonous waste and the waste products seeped into the land. This is why MuCheng’s hands get red and itchy because of the chemical waste products in the soil.

  10. [YT] 原來小樂這麼貼心.什麼都知道阿.真懂事.我也哭了.雖然我沒小孩…但也被感動囉.小樂一定常常想到他媽媽.演技才那麼自然.小樂…大人有大人的難處.沒有父母會無故拋棄自己懷胎十月的孩子.你長大就會懂了…..

  11. [YT] i knw y they want this land ler … mayb the land they planted some drugs they wann to sell dem and earn money … cox mu chen the hand itch is becox of the job to take care of the plant..

  12. [YT] peiixx: i know i thought that was kind of funny too..i have been asking that for a while now…in asians i dont think any KID will call their parents by name since its not respectful v r not americans in that regard i think so its best to be respectful but fans seem to like it cuz the kid is so darn cute and he can really act but i guess its just a drama so probably real like parents wont tell their kids and refer to them names

  13. [YT] i agree i am surprised the rating for this one is low compare to fated to love u too… i mean that one has its funny moments too but this one has so many cute kids who can actually ACT and its a refreshing storyline so surprised it didnt bring into the higher ratings like fated 🙁

  14. [YT] i agree, out of f4 i think hes got a great comeback piece of work. i mean dont get me wrong, JERRY i think is still the hotness hehehee…. but all his series i cant never even continue or zai zai’s series too… i dont really feel for any of them …this series is quite interesting. i think its the kids in the series, they are all so cute even the mean chubby one too..they can actually ALL ACT :0)

  15. [YT] i think the reason why becoz xiao le called his mother by her name, maybe xiao le, using the same surname which is ‘liang’. I think should be because of birth certificate or certain regrastration rules. because xiao le doesnt have father. Other than than, mu cheng want xiao le treat her as a friend. I think it’s really cute and touching mother son relationship.

  16. [YT] I guess they’re just trying to change it slighty. Plus lots of people think calling Mu Cheng by her name is cute for XIao Le, it’s like their relationship is so close they’re friends : ). And for the Xiao Le thing, lots of kids do that! I think it’s cute lol! 😛

  17. [YT] okay im probably gonna “thumb down”s for this..
    i love the drama, but xiao le and muchen’s relationship is really just.. ridiculous. who calls their mom by their first name?! (esp in asian cultures..) and xiao le needs to stop talking about himself in third person..

  18. [YT] 不可能只有十二集
    我已經等不及 所以看了原著小說


  19. [YT] for me,this drama so far a lot better than fate to love u…casts, acting n story all better….i buy this drama more…
    ‘fate’ never in my fav list,esp after they went to shanghai, may b poor girl marry rich guy+ bed sence r most ppl fav so reach the high rate…
    but i rate A C higher..

  20. [YT] Think he feels sorry for xiao le and mu chen. The fact that xiao le’s ‘alien’ father is not coming back. He lacks a father & ‘calls’ every man he meets ‘Papa’. Now he finds mu chen kinder & a strong woman, taking the place of a fatherly role too.

  21. [YT] i heard the rating still didnt break 6 i mean the other popular fated to love you or something, it broke 10 for alot of episodes i heard but i would say the kids here make this series even more interesting and still it didnt break even 6? hum…

  22. [YT] 對!說真的,平時的偶像劇不是不好看,都很搞笑只是沒甚麼內容..看了也沒甚麼記憶點..可是這部戲真的很好看,看了一集就想一直追下去..況且vanness,安以軒和小小彬的演技真的好棒!! 看著看著覺得安以軒有點像趙微和張韶涵..

  23. [YT] basically he expressed his gratitude towards GX for acting the role of his father but he knows that he isn’t his father and his father is not an alien. It is a lie told by MC to him to make him not feel sad. He doesn’t know the reason why his father won’t come and get him nor where he is, but he knows he has the best mother, MC and he is very grateful for it. Oh, and he knows that the radio is no transmitter, but made from a spoiled radio by MC.

    What a sweet and matured child. =(((

  24. [YT] all the previews look soooo good!
    ahh, i can’t wait weekly! lol i shouldve started watching this once it’s all over so i can watch them all at once. 😀

  25. [YT] ahhhh this preview is killing my patience!! XDD
    I can’t wait till the next episode now T.T
    Seriously, this show is getting better and better with each new episode 😀

  26. [YT] ady is awesome in this part!! the kid who pays xiao le is amazing too :)) he’s so adorable & one of the best kid actors I’ve seen in dramas!! 😀

  27. [YT] no only 2 eps left?!! I DON’T WANT IT TO END SO QUICKLY!!! THEN I’LL BE LEFT WITH ONE EP TO WATCH AND IT WILL BE A LONGER WAIT!! usually i watch this whole ep on sundays, then during the weekdays i watch Hi My Sweetheart. but then it will be worse now!!! D:

  28. [YT] Yea. he has memories of her but he thinks its Yi Ting (sorry i forgot what her name is). mu cheng is more suited for him than Yi… even though he’s forgotten about Mu Cheng, he treats her really well. hope someday he’ll know Xiao Le is his child

  29. [YT] the way he looked at mu cheng when she walked out of the room made me think that he suspects mu cheng maybe the girl from before the surgery, but he wont admit it yet as he isnt 100% sure. 😀 so close

  30. [YT] 海外的朋友真的很感謝你!!!每次電視一演完,就可以看到你把熱騰騰的一集放上來,深深的覺得你真的是讓我們海外的朋友備感窩心!!!!

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