Fated to Love You Episode 12

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29 thoughts on “Fated to Love You Episode 12

  1. In this part I hate Chun Xi for keep telling himself that he love Anna Anna until the moment he lose Chen Xin Yi. I think Chun Xi deserve the punishment to separate from the person he love. Chun Xi said that he want to give Xin Yi the good future by adding more alimony in the divorce agreement. How can that be the good future for a mother who live without her baby? The moment he step in to the baby room he should realize how much she love her baby but still he wants her to give up her baby after she give birth. It is really cruel!! He only know how to pay a lot of money. It seems like money can buy everything even the motherhood. Chun Xi is a heartless person like Xi Yi’s mother said. He deserve punishment but not Chen Xin Yi. Chen Xi Yi is too kind, and she always sacrifice everything for other. However, in the name of the mother she can’t sacrifice her baby.

  2. Anna doesnt realized that she is being selfish of herself but that’s okay we all are selfish once in a while can’t blame her for everything. Cun Xi is just naive. This is my second time watching this whole drama. I’m always crying while watching Xin Yi and Cun Xi scenes.

  3. @650e40e203065afd44b0fbc2d917a380:disqus don’t get me wrong, but we can’t blame Anna for doing so. She also endured a lot of sufferings. And she really loves Cun Xi that much. How could that be a sin?

  4. I thought Anna doesn’t have any conscience. It turned out that she has. But still, what she did cause a disaster. Not only in her part, in Ji Cun Xi’s part and in the Ji family but also to the family of Chen XIn Yi, to Chen Xin Yi herself and to the baby.

  5. PRESS ON CHEN XIN YI! You can surpass this! I know you can! And Ji Cun Xi, the one that you truly love is not Anna rather Chen Xin Yi! Ok? And Anna, 5 words—————- GET OUT OF THE WAY! This is not your love story. You’re not Cinderella, Chen Xin Yi is. You’re suitable role is that evil witch something! Hahahah, am I too rude??? >:D (well, she deserves it) BWAHAHAHHAH!!!

  6. I pity Chen Xin Yi. And I hate Anna for what she have done. And I also learned to hate Ji Cun Xi for not realizing sooner that whom he really loves is not Anna, rather he had unknowingly fallen in love with THE STICKY NOTE GIRL!

  7. I know that Anna really loves Cun Xi, but that love she feels towards Cun Xi doesn’t give her the excuse to go against Xin Yi’s baby and XIn Yi, herself. If she truly loves Cun Xi, she will wait. And come on! Is the Divorce Agreement that Cun Xi prepared still not enough? By her villainous act, she only proved that she is not deserving of Cun Xi’s love at all.

    • Yeah! Right! Don’t get me wrong. Anna is a really nice girl but because of her love towards Cun Xi, this became the driving force of Anna to do something bad. See what love can do. It can drive people crazy. It can even make a really good person turn evil. Amazing what love can do!

  8. This is my 3rd or 4th time watching this show and this episode gets me every time. Probably the only TW drama to make me ball my eyes out every single time I watch it. 

  9. I hate anna how can she do this to a pregnanat woman it made  me cry but I dont hate the actress because most people would not hate the character but the actress i actually like the actress because she potryed the part so well though im not saying shes wicked in anyway

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