Material Queen Episode 04

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55 thoughts on “Material Queen Episode 04

  1. 導演拍的還蠻細緻的, 城嫂演的很努力效果也很好。但是制作人找吳建豪是一大敗筆﹐ 他的中文說的比很多加州這邊土生土長的 ABC 還差!  所以當他很努力的在說國語台詞的時候, 臉部就沒有演技了. Pitiful! 可惜可惜! ……  如果一定要找個加州長大的, 那國語至少要和潘瑋柏差不多 …… 可惜潘的身高不夠去搭配城嫂.

    • 沒錯! 大家一開始都在批評熊黛林不適合吳建豪, 後來真正看過影片後才發現原來根本就是吳建豪完全不搭配此劇的身份背景……演技也比在下一站幸福遜色多了, 他真的很不適合這個角色.

  2. can someone please tell me the song they use during the breaks? Where it shows her leaving Vaness?? Its not the opening or ending song.  Its the one they play for like 20 seconds 

  3. we can’t see… is there a person who can say where we can see this episode, i would say, a site because here, we can’t see anything….  

  4. This is really random but ..
    Vaness isn’t really good looking but
    there’s something about him that makes him
    SO attractive! <3. 

    • damn, that’s what i’ve been trying to to tell my friends too! But then they all get pissed off at me when I say “kinda like Rain.” lol

  5. Dang, didn’t you aware of this drama has some parts of storylines copied from “Kung Fu Hustle” (Stephen Chow)  if you remember they were living in a community which was very poor but very strong in helping each other out in the neighborhood……..esp that fat dude with Cantonese-Mandarin….that’s why I said from the first or second episode that they are from Stephen Chow’s crew…..

    •  Apart from that guy who also acted in kung fu hustle (the shampoo bum-crack man, now butcher) I don’t think the concept of poor community banding together is at all like Kung Fu Hustle. It’s not like there’s secret Kung Fu fighters hiding out here sheesh. You’re kinda nitpicking.

  6. What’s going on? Some of them sound… from HK? and play the role of Taiwan governor? So strange. Their acting are not very impressed.

  7. The starting glamour of the first two episodes are dying but at least now I can see that the Material Queen is slowly showing that she’s capable of loving someone even though they’re not rich.

  8. What a story! I’m so touched by this episode.  Can’t wait for the next episode. Everyone is acting so well.  I love it!! 

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