Prince + Princess 2 Episode 10

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125 thoughts on “Prince + Princess 2 Episode 10

  1. [YT] mm…i really don’t get it why Mu Fan still thinks he like her. I mean why is she so desperate an forcing yourself doing sth you don’t like. it’s juz faking it. And I’m loving the new guy. his cool and really added more fun in this show than before =)

  2. [YT] boys VS boys.
    I actually like the new guy more.
    Not being mean. But yeah.
    NOt that I don’t like the main guy, just that I think the new guy is more interesting.
    Thanks for update!

  3. [YT] that’s so true !
    And how she “researched” and “read” about the things online about the stuff HuanYu likes suddenly makes her seem like “omg she contributed alot in the relationship”, “she stayed up a night, wow”…

  4. [YT] OMG.. I know i’m going to get super minus for this. But MuFan’s voice is like really.. argghhh.. then from the first episode I already think she’s really selfish. No matter how much they try to back it up with “Trying to support family” excuse. Look at how she just plays the piano in the middle of the night is so selfish. And so much other things about her.. really…. arrrgghhh me !!

  5. [YT] i’m just worrying that suddenly there is another girl coming up and claims to be his girl friend.
    and that, he will tell ke rou that it is part of the training-to-be designer lesson. he had to add in some passion to her succeed in her designer’s work.
    well, this is my imagination.

  6. [YT] GOOOOOOOOO DYLAN , looove you foreverrrrrrrrrrrrrrr ! <3
    JIAAAAAAA youuu ke rouuuu , in PPSTREAM they said that ke rou will change , er gong zhu bian da zheng mei =D xD

  7. [YT] i dont know why this parents not let eldest get a proper job…she can teach panio or something…
    they even own ppl money so how can they rely on 2nd daughter earning for whole family…???

  8. [YT] David is gonna fall into the deep abyss of Mu Fan wedding plot…..worst enough he has a rival but that’s the only excuse he can see Ke You as they are not working together anymore…Go David….can’t wait to watch how you fight back!!!

  9. [YT] I hate the $_$ mum… and MuFan acting pitiful~~ kerou should get together with her boss the designer.. they are more compatible~~~~ and LOL at the alien~~~ hahaha

  10. [YT] yeah.
    “it started with a kiss” is better than “they kiss again”. this is my personal opinion.
    it’s just like some couples, less exciting after getting married. sometimes, things become sour after married. (just joking)

  11. [YT] 我覺得李晨曦比寧喚宇好太多了….喚宇現在又不是克柔的男朋友=.=還跑到克柔家等她.而且也沒權力逼問她吧….一整個很纏人又愛吃醋…自己沒好好拒絕大姐拖拖拖..大姐家人逼婚也不好好表明態度..公司面臨危機只會想些543….這個王子只能說是草莓王子吧…

  12. [YT] michael and ke rou makes a good couple.
    they both are aggresive and their kung fu fighting are excellent.
    i would like to see they fall in love and becom a real couple plus season 2 to see their happily ever after… like “it started with a kiss” and “they kiss again”.

  13. [YT] Well I think that all the new guy is doing is going to beniefit o and k and the characters relationship, because the relationship was coming to a standstill. i don’t know the actors name but he look so much better in this drama than in rock paper scissor when he played the weal guy. i say he is a good acor, cause I seem to like him now a lot more than before.

  14. [YT] yes, you are right.
    she is so annoying.
    anyone marrying her would be unlucky.
    she can’t cook, can’t do the cleaning, can’t get a proper job, can only get people on their nerves.

  15. [YT] I thought it is essential to have the “new guy” in this show, cos he is the one whom is discovering Kerou’s potential and is forcing Huanyu to seek his fighting spirit. Guru…I say!!

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