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0 thoughts on “Privacy Policy

  1. 不知道為什麼~就是沒辦法喜歡洪希恩的個性….


    • 哈哈 可能是因為她恰北北兇巴巴的吧

  2. every drama will have the typical almost car accident scene and the male lead will push the female lead away from the car… 

    • 蘇一誠也選擇隱瞞哪!
      況且 若戈嘉怡寄給方家驊二十八歲生日卡片提到「巧克力」怎麼辦?

  3. Although 007 does not have any bad intentions against Xi Hui, their relationship will be a svengali type of relationship because he definitely is exerting a lot of control over her.

  4. 我要洪希恩給我一個真心的笑容
    this is so drama-like LOL
    i wonder if someone will say that in real life

  5. just a side note – I never saw anything from 007 (Bobby) before, this is the first show I watch.  I just saw another show with him about one year ago and he had this long hair on the side….
    my god!  I hope he keeps this short hair, I think he is too old to continue to play the young idol, he needs to move on to the mature character….like this 007 role which is perfect for him. 

  6. everyone are just like yee 007, no 007 and im like yee Wang zi and 40 lol

  7. vanness look better and better as he matures and grows older. infact he doesnt look like he aged at all!

  8. I think the issue of the show is that there is not much story going on.  There are a lot of lies going around and the writers want to drag on to the last to clear all the lies.  It was touching in the beginning to see Chocolate looking for his mom, but the writers keep going on with this same subject every ep which starts to get boring.  The feeling between the xi en and cholocate is obvious but they also want to cover it up for no reason. 
    I think people want to see 007 and Xi hui is not because of their story, their story is not realistic and he totally abuse her. I think it is because 007 is the only mature character in this story.  The actor who plays him fits the character very well.  People want to see a mature guy rather than a group of “old kids” fooling around and have the same story every ep. 
    The writers really need to move on.  I think audience rather see a great story in a fewer eps than a boring story in 10000eps.

    • lol the storyy’s slow cuz ther still filming it right now, its like, they film something and then it comes out like, the next day, thts prolly also why the episodes arent as long as other dramas

    •  yes i do agree with u one way or another but i just treat it as a comedy, comedy really doesn’t need to be realistic…otherwise i would have given up the show long time ago…

    •  Then maybe the more typical idol drama that comes out once a week and lasts ~15 episodes would suit you better.
      I like the idea of making the typical idol drama into a longer series, but doing that often times the audience would find the story too draggy.  It’s a fine balance and it can be hard to do.  I feel like they did a pretty good job with inborn pair, but some people still found it draggy at parts, this one too.  Still kinks to be worked out, but hopefully with more experience with these longer idol series, future ones will be even better.
      Personally, I like watching the process; I enjoy watching the characters develop.  And I enjoy watching the interaction between xi en and chocolate, maybe that’s why I don’t find it as draggy as some people do.

  9. I prefer Chocolate/Jia Hua’s fringe on the right side! Hope he changes it back!! 

  10. WHATEVER happened to Xi En’s best friend? I think she’s going to end up with Wang Zi! I don’t want Xiao xiao with Wei Li/40 though!! 

  11. Vanness really has improved in his acting!! His tears felt so natural! and his expressions are always so comedic!! 

  12. qiao ke li had his bday in the first ep. and it’s almost his bday again
    so almost a year has pass in the drama, doesn’t seem like it 

    • i think hao jie is just trying to write him the bday card in advance in case something bad happens.

  13. i think the only other storyline that i dislike more than xiaoxiao and wei li’s is 007 and xi hui
    xiao xiao throwing herself at wei li when it’s obv. wei li don’t like her and is disturbed by her actions and she ignores it, that’s very annoying. 007 and xi hui’s story is this 30 something year old man bossing and forcing a little kid around, doing things she doesn’t really want to do. In reality im pretty sure the girl would only be force around so much before she snaps and tells him to go F***ed himself so their storyline is not very realistic at all. And it’s the message they trying to convey is that girl’s have no brain and is alright being boss and force around cause it seems like it

  14. 跟看真愛找麻煩感覺一樣,你們兩個在那裏拖拖拉拉的拖個屁啊! 

    • 他們不用拖戯手法,他們用跳戯手法,比如昨天有007,今天沒有!

      • 個人本身對007沒感覺,討厭洪希惠,所以有沒有他們沒差,不覺得跳

  15. I feel like being left hanging not knowing what’s going on with 007 and Xi Hui since she’s now at his house.  The writers should spend more time on 007/Xi Hui story line than Xiao Xiao/Wei Li and the chocolate master/007 mom’s storylines.  Frankly, Xiao Xiao is too old for Wei Li and the way she throws herself at him is disgusting rather than funny.  It’s a wasted storyline.  I also dislike the actress who plays 007’s mom.  She acts too young for her age and there is not enough depth to her acting.  Another waste of time.

      • ME TOO I really dislike Jia Hua/Chocolate’s mum!! She’s so annoying when she makes those pouty and ‘cute’ faces….and her voice….so fake 

        • totally agree w you two!!! in one of the previous episodes i said that this drama actresses so not really fit in their character… and they re not cute/beatutyful either, instead,actors here are sooo HOT!!! hahahahaa… qiao ke li´s real mum is soo fake! 

    • There’s 78 more eps, of cos they have to drag with something and not make the main storylines (Chocolate finding his mom, Chocolate + XiEn, 007 + XiHui) too fast. So sad for the master though, he really loves her and guards her.

  16.  hmm. idk, the second storyline to me just kinda seems like a 30 year old guy bossing around a ten yr old (yes i kno shes not ten, but she acts like she is lol) 
    i think i like vaness and joanne betterr x) 

    • YEAH I TOTALLY AGREE! I know bobby’s really charming and all but I don’t really think that much chemistry exists between xi hui and 007… it’s just that everyone finds him attractive… but I totally love 007’s character!! Just not paired with Xi hui though… 

    • Nah…I’m the same age as Xi Hui and I’ll totally let a hot 30 years old guy such as 007 to boss me around any day. 😉  I guess when it comes down to it, age is really nothing…it’s just personal preference and perception.

  17. OMG LOL everyday the comments are like “yay theres 007” or “no 007” HAHAHA