Qing Shi Huang Fei Episode 42

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18 thoughts on “Qing Shi Huang Fei Episode 42

  1. 不得不說林心如在part3 02:45~03:10的眼神演得很好
    尤其是最後離去的那一眼, 有把馬馥雅接近要癲狂變復仇女神的Fu演得很到位!

  2. This is getting ridiculous…I don’t know if I like or dislike this drama anymore. It’s actually pretty bad, but I kept coming back to watch more…Does anyone know what’s upcoming after this drama is over?

  3. yess MFY is soooo annoying. everybody else whos prego is fine and shes the only the one that loses her baby. and if the emperor wants to kill someone DOES HE EVEN HAVE TO DO IT WITH HIS OWN HANDS?

  4. 討厭馬馥雅啦!!  祈佑明明求她不要出去 她自己不乖乖在家待產 雞婆的跑出去 結果被
    自己親弟弟害到流產了才來怪祈佑 討厭!!

    • Honestly, even if she didn’t leave the palace, people who want to hurt her and the baby could and would still hurt her. Especially when her brother is near by all the time. He could have and would have done it even if she didn’t leave the palace.

  5. omg…being in the royal family is a tradegy for MYF, MQY, and LLC….Why they had to go through all these fights and fates….

    • There are two episodes remaining and the fate between Lian Cheng and Qi Yao are relatively similar. Similar fate and similar clothing like Lian Cheng when he dies for Fu Ya. 

      Here is the preview: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zMcn3JWYctE

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