Rice Family Episode 50

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34 thoughts on “Rice Family Episode 50

  1. [YT] 这戏很奇怪..那么大声而且就在门口..不是应该走到其他地方说么.?很多时候都是这样..都喜欢在门外说..里面的人还要听不到..-_-!!

  2. [YT] @ElinaYun 但是也要想到,如果拒收這些假的餐卷,可能會引來不少風波,而這些風波就是讓這些客人氣到不來,整個客人都流失掉了,所以已經買的客人就真的沒辦法拒絕,一武他們也只能靠宣傳的,餐卷要在店裡買才是真的能使用

  3. [YT] @ppperi
    我認為他是騙人的~因為他之前說他不想別人看不起他, 而他爸媽早已經死了, 他騙人說他爸在做事業, 應該是為了別讓別人看不起他的身世@@!

  4. [YT] 上一集Peter还跟董事长说他从小无父无母,把董事长当做亲人父亲一般,这里怎么又说起自己有父亲来了 -_-|||

  5. [YT] 既然是有流水號的

  6. [YT] @Ebizon73 贊成;其實印餐卷應該跟印摸獎卷一樣,在騎縫處蓋上店章,拿餐卷消費核兌編號和店章位置,就不怕有假餐卷了

  7. [YT] I’m not sure they proved he was the killer, after all that murder happened ten years before and the case had been closed. The only “reliable” new witness would be Xiao Yu, who went a year into mental care…

    Anyway, shame on you, Yiwu! Especially since you’re always so understanding, how can you be suddenly so violent to your child? I don’t care if it’s an emergency situation, that’s exactly the time when you’re not allowed to panic with children.
    I’m disappointed

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