Ring Ring Bell Episode 15 The End

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42 thoughts on “Ring Ring Bell Episode 15 The End

  1. Ai ya. I was looking forward for their wedding as finale. And all the three of them living together under one roof. Anyways, goooooood show. Peter and Jane were fantastic. Ahhhh. Love this soooo much. 

  2. I would like to personally thank Peter and Janie for a outstanding performance.. This is the best TV show I have ever watched..I will definitely remember this show. Amazing is the word..

  3. it’s like they came up with all these problems during the climax of the drama and didn’t know how to solve the issue…just my opinion. I stuck through the entire drama though…

  4. The writing is a real hot mess in this drama.  It had potential in the beginning with the second-chance-at-love basis, but the mediocre-at-best writing didnt do any favor for the endearing cast. Stuck by this drama just for the actors alone, the drama was solely carried by the cast and their chemistry. Peter Ho is just so damn endearing as Ren Jia Kai. Atlas, I will miss this cast, less so the writing.

  5. LOLOL, this is so SO cute!
    Finally, arrived at the last drama. It’s sad to say good bye. I have to admit, the plot was super duper cheesy, but the cast made is amazing.
    Everyone is so good at acting that it really turned the cheesy plot around.
    Forever Ring Ring Bell! <3

  6. love love love this series!! i agree with some comment concerning this is one of the best drama in 2011

    actually , i watch this drama coz i cant wait for another ep of OFFICE GIRL , but i lastly found i really love this drama .. the story line is just perfect!! not too bitchy , too crappy , no serious part. Ended up just the right time unlike OFFICE GIRL which is about to getting borer and borer.

  7. 呵呵…Happy Ending呢…      咳…不過最後還說原來2人小時候已經在醫院認識…感覺有點太老套了…n套劇都用過這樣的”偶然”咯….汗….

      • Okay.. I’ve been dying to download this one song in Part 1, around 11:00 mins, but Its not a song in the OST and the lyrics have something in the lines of “LET GO”….. and then goes on.. if anyone knows the name or the artist who sings it, let me know, THANKS and Great DRAMA with Peter HO!! Now we will have to wait for his next project… Till Next time. 🙂 

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