Say that You Love Me Episode 25

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13 thoughts on “Say that You Love Me Episode 25

  1. 上官儀則是繼續出國深造 Are you kidding me ??? There is no an excuse for 上官儀wrong doing to 早早. She should be punished in the end !!!

  2. i like this story plot as compared to it started with a kiss! 

    ou hao cheng is very much affected by zao zao while in iswak zhi shu didn’t show as much.
    and zao zao kinda like rejected him while in iswak xiang qin will never rejext zhi shu.

    • event this is remake,,but the story line kinda diffrent… maybe ,,, if they not said is remake from ita zura na kiss,,,it is good story line,,but this is definitely a remake! and i am so sorry….. i dont like the story line! ita zura na kiss had classic story line…. i love the manga so much!!!

      maybe your rite that zhi shu never really affected by xiang qin,,but event zhi shu never affected by xiang qin he will always protect xiang qin with his life,,,and zhi shu is the one who will never doubted to xiang qin will. he believe that nothing can stopped xiang qin for loving him. zhi shu the one who really understand xiang qin. and zhi shu never good to anyone elses (like ou chen being nice to shang guan with no reason) . remember in real story zhi shu had no friends at all! he only had xiang qin!!! thats the real manga! real ita zura na kiss!
      and why xiang qin never rejected zhi shu??? because she love him… she can’t live without him.!
      i remember in playfull kiss (ita zura na kiss korean remake) . which is the female lead said,,,where ever the male lead go,,he will always follow him,,event she will got rejected!
      thats the strong of female lead character! event cao cao looks great because she rejected ou cheng,,but it is not ita zura na kiss character!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      this remake so far from real story!!!!
      and i hate ou cheng when he really nice to anyone accept cao cao!
      oh pleaseeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!! zhi shu is cold blooded person! how he can nice to anyone else!???
      what kind of remake is it?????
      if its not a remake ,,, it will be nice story!

      • Since You said if its not a remake it will be a nice story then why don’t think that its not a remake ? take it as a new drama ? And it will be nice 🙂

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