The M Riders Episode 01

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32 thoughts on “The M Riders Episode 01

  1. [YT] 寒是女主角吧!


    永遠支持寒 希望導演把每集ㄉ幕後花絮都播出來!笑點會更多喔^_^~!

  2. [YT] @siying0123 nope. when they play the ending song tat time, they need state the name of the theme song and beside it, they state,(in japanese language tat japanese dun even understand). but anyway. their ep is coming out on 9th july, so do support it. their songs were quite nice.:)

  3. [YT] lol what do ppl expect…this drama is a production of the yo yo channel. lol it’s meant to be shown to little kids anyways~~ lol just watch it with a light heart 🙂

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