They Are Flying Episode 20

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7 thoughts on “They Are Flying Episode 20

  1. I actually think Zi Hao is one of my favorite characters.  Even though I hated him at first for the evilness of his actions…at this point in the drama, I can understand why he has so much anger inside of him.   It feels like all the other characters are naive to the point of stupidity…but Zi Hao seems really smart and in a way, his story seems sadder to me than even the poor innocent boys. People don’t usually see the scars inside someone like Zi Hao. But his scars go deep. I want to see him turn around.  

  2. This show is not bad. There is meaning behind it.I also love to see the development of the characters. The developemnt of William and his mom.

    But the appearance of Ja hao’s “sister” made the show complicated. Next ep that gangster guy is gona get together with her LOl? wtff haah

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