Waking Love Up (愛情睡醒了) Episode 01

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31 thoughts on “Waking Love Up (愛情睡醒了) Episode 01

  1. cant wait and didnt know that this web would upload this series, i (upset & patiently) finished this series a week ago via some other website with hugh traffic -_-!!! …

    a bit surprised how he can be so cool as “Xiang Tian Qi” while he is so cute as “Qin zi Qi”
    one person but diff hair color effects his attitude more than u know 😀 ..

    I kind of like the series accept the part of Tang Ma (sometimes looks so fake). Also love its soundtracks. They are all nice (long list though).  Pei in and same actors/actress team as <>  are a bit irritated. I beleive there r more actors left why all main 4 ppl always act in the same series. It’s getting boring.

    Anyway, thanks this web to upload so many good series and programs .. so so appriciated it.

    last!! .. love u  always “QIU ZE” ^ ^

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