Who’s the One (我的完美男人) Episode 01

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10 thoughts on “Who’s the One (我的完美男人) Episode 01

  1. i love hearing the elders talk in hokkien-taiwanese(i can understand it)
     makes it more authentic because i think those taiwanese living in the rural areas still talk in that language.

  2. although i don’t give any thoughts about a persons’s appearance for a mate( yeah, inner beauty is more valuable), he should NOT be too Ugly nor too FAT, nor too Thin. there should be no extremes. that’s why fat people like to lose weight because they know that society frowns on them, makes fun of them. a normal-sized person will find mate MORE EASILY than a fat person. that is a sad but true fact!

  3. oh, her speech(the search for the perfect man)  has caused the girl to postpone the wedding. she suddenly finds her FAT boyfriend unappealing……

  4. of course, the doctor is a plastic surgeon so she encourages one to look for the perfect man( in appearance) because she said that not only men have the right to look for a perfect woman(but we have so many shallow Perfect Plastic Beauties nowadays) but women also have this right.

  5. wearing expensive, beautiful western suits only enhances your physical appearance provided you are not ugly to begin with because if one is “normal” in appearance(not handsome but not ugly), the suit MAY add to his appeal.so, in a way, it is giving importance to ones looks short of a cosmetic surgery!

    •  some people watch the series because it has their favorite stars in it.altho i like rainie alot, i am holding out to watch her series. ilm going to watch this first because i saw the good reviews about it.

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