Why Why Love Episode 08

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9 thoughts on “Why Why Love Episode 08

  1. what kind of brother does jiaDi have? he doesn’t have a conscience. he is a bum and does not contribute anything to the family at all/

  2. Yanshu credited herself  and said she invited the brightest student to tutor him. But the student told him that he thought JiaDi was after him(girl pursuing a boy) , instead she wanted him to tutor HuoDa.. one can see yanshu taking credits not her due.

  3. and when yan shu gives her tai ci(script), she says it so slowly as if she is an overseas chinese not fluent in mandarin. is she ABC ?

  4. Yan Shu is so selfish. She wants Huo Yan, & she knows Huo Dai likes her. But she doesn’t like Huo Dai, but she doesn’t want him to leave her either!

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