Year of the Rain Episode 01

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60 thoughts on “Year of the Rain Episode 01

  1. [YT] 公視5/30有撥出最後一集,真的是很感人的一部片子,沒有大牌演員但都演的好真.哭到我不行,希望所以經歷過88風災的人都能走出傷痛.

  2. [YT] 如果沒記錯,這段一開始的景在「麟山鼻」,在白沙灣附近。那邊可以看到很多招潮蟹喔。(「不能說的秘密」也有在那邊取景)

  3. [YT] I haven’t cried in a long time… until I saw this drama. Taiwan went through two great disasters within ten years: the earthquake in 1999 and the flood in 2009. As a fellow Taiwanese, this drama really makes my heart sore.

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