Ring Ring Bell (真心請按兩次鈴) Episode 01

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97 thoughts on “Ring Ring Bell (真心請按兩次鈴) Episode 01

  1. Re-watching for the second time! Love this drama lots! Can’t wait for this couple’s new movie “One Minute More” and hopefully they’ll both be in another drama again!

  2. lol damn funny… i think that’s exactly what I would do in a lift. lifts are fricking scary when they are spoilt:( but this gal got lucky, she met THE ONE in the lift. hahaa

  3. during the 3-4 years together, do you think she and her fiance had carnal relations?…they were engaged to get married but the man back out! considering the first time when they met, it was the man who was  courting her so diligently. if he did not get what he wanted from her, why the sudden change of heart?

  4. they met face to face….when the girl dropped her ID accidentally into the sewers. both looked the same to me.why can’t they recognize each other?

  5. 被關在電梯裡根本不會缺氧阿   電梯跟外面根本是有相通的  編劇是不是不太有常識阿….

  6. 好好看好好看!!! 本來就是想, 看一下也沒所謂。
    可是看了就停不了了!!! 好好看~~~~~~~~ 🙂

    • Haha… I know right. It’s as if they don’t have enough old people to act as mums… That’s why sometimes I prefer kdramas. The old people are damn good at acting. Though…. I have seen 2 old guys act as corrupt chaebols in at least 2 dramas. Hahaha so I guess Sometimes one or two older actors/ actresses will stick out among the rest!

  7. Peter’s acting is good – when he first talked to her in the gallery, you can actually see him blush & feel his feelings towards her. They both look so perfect together! I know that Peter used to have a thing for big S (his previous drama with her) and Janine is similar in looks and elegance – I  think she’s his type! Any idea if he’s the producer of this drama again? Maybe he chose her to be the lead…

    • Peter said he had eyes on Jang Na Ra,Barbie and Janine but at the end he picked Barbie for the role.. As for Janine is gonna be hard for her to find a bf in this industry. Men like to be in control. And she got beauty+brain..

  8. Love Janine, not just a natural beauty but a well-educated actress. Can’t find one in the showbiz industry now day… 
    Can’t wait til next week!!!!!

  9. how refreshing! a couple that actually likes each other from the start.  i am loving tis drama. sooooo interesting! can’t wait til next week! 

  10. I dont get the Janine appeal, is she meant to be pretty?? Why do all the taiwanese variety ppl say that she is really gorgeous when she is really kinda plain faced??

  11. it’s so attractive when peter speaks perfect english without an accent… i don’t find him particularly hot or anything but damn his english really got me.

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