Ring Ring Bell Episode 02

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59 thoughts on “Ring Ring Bell Episode 02

  1. it was the guy(peter) who divorced his wife, but the reason was not explained yet but was left HANGING……the pacing was so fast that i could NOT CONNECT and commiserate with him for his divorce from his wife( he was so sad about the divorce that he got drunk)..then what is the reason for the divorce with  no explanation stated to the audience?

  2. i think there was a flaw in the story which i can’t accept until now…..why the man(peter ho) can’t recognize xiao xiang. he’s a photographer and he should have remembered faces. xiao xiang didn’t have cosmetic surgery to alter her face….the change was only the hair, from short hair to long hair. their chance encounter although a short one was not dismissed by the man. he got interested in her and had somehow gotten her address, only to see her kissing xiao jie( he assumed she’s NOT FREE anymore)

    • to add: remember, he kept HER PHOTO Picture frame ( xiao xiang’s in hospital gown with 10 different poses). he did not sell it in the photo gallery exhibition….the more he should remember her.

      • Did you even watch the last episode? He found out already wtf is wrong with you. Not happy, please don’t watch! If you are so good, go and be a scriptwriter!

          • ok. i will try to see this through if i can get a good explanation on this. if i don’t, i will discontinue watching it. i am not a good scriptwriter but i  think i am a good viewer. peace!

          • ok. i watched episode 5 already. peter remembered only in episode 5 (it was xiao xiang who pointed out to him but he decided …only at this point…to keep pretending that he doesn’t know her)but my point was that: he should have remembered earlier because xiao xiang’s face looks the same to me, not altered nor disfigured…so when they meet again in the early episodes, he should have remembered her. BUT NO, he doesn’t seem to remember her…which is quite WEIRD.

          • He actually recognized her when they ran into eachother in eps 1.  He asked, “do we know each other”? 

          • Actually I agree with you… but then, PROBABLY 5 years (i think…) is a very long time in dramaland. plus, i can’t say that it is a very huge loophole cos I can’t remember people’s faces especially those whom I have interacted with for 13 weeks last year… I don’t know if this can be extended to the logic of this drama:)

        • Miriam commented according to episode 2 so you don’t have to shoot personal attack against her. You can’t expect everybody who is watching this episode to have watched all the episodes that you have already watched.The comment section here is to voice all viewers’ opinions. No need to get so worked up and attack viewer’s comments this way.

          • thanks zzzzz. i am only at episode 2. that’s why my comments are on this page. i comment per episode, commenting AS I WATCH the series unfolds right before my eyes.

      • Yes, he kept her pictures at that time.  However, he got married after that.  Do you think a wife would allow a husband to keep other woman’s picture around?  Beside, it has been years since they last met.

  3. whos the chubby girls that plays her sister in law? shes in so many series but shes always so funny and cute i love her lol

  4. 吼~不够啦!看不够啦!还要继续等~真的好想一次看到过瘾!看完为止!真是虐啊!!!!!!

  5. 不是自己的儿子上台就这么的八婆,别人在街上拥抱也关它什么事啊?难道她不知道抱在一起不一定代表他们就在一起啊lll.俗话说得好”宁得罪小人莫得罪妇人,因为最毒妇人心啊”真是一群又老又三八的黄脸婆lll…

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