Ring Ring Bell (真心請按兩次鈴) Preview

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17 thoughts on “Ring Ring Bell (真心請按兩次鈴) Preview

  1. OMG this looks good. Peter Ho= a treat to my eyes *drool*! Haven’t seen him in this kind of a drama in awhile. Who would’ve thought Janine and Peter would look so good together! The story seems interesting and Janine’s acting has improved a lot. Ahh Xiu Jie Kai as a “huai nan ren”! LOVE! Can’t wait =D

    • It seems like Xiu Jie Kai isn’t a “huai nan ren”.. He is pretending to have a new gf. But the reason is not shown in the preview..

    •  Janine chang acting is quite good. She is in fact a very versatile actress. She can take up quite a lot different type of roles.

  2. Hmm…. the plot is almost exactly like “Life as We Know It” with Josh Duhamel and Katherine Heigl… Though it’s not with the same person, I have this feeling that it’s going to be just another version of the movie~~ =

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