Sisters Episode 53

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28 thoughts on “Sisters Episode 53

  1. 台灣ㄉ恐龍法官 大概是編劇ㄉ兄弟姊妹 也可能是同一個師傅教出來的徒子徒孫 台灣的社會病了 台灣的教育得徹底檢討 台灣的媒體尤其可惡與可恥 政治只有藍綠沒有是非 媒體只有腥羶也沒有是非 ㄞ 這樣子ㄉ國家如何向上提昇 悲哀ㄡ

  2. Okay I really hope the writer has something really terrible planned for those two jerks in the next series!!!  Like that devil woman and her devil mother run away with all their money, or sell their house, and he loses his job…and then he watches Jim and RF get married and live happilly ever after…or is that just wishful thinking.

    • 而且是在这个女人虐待过这个老太婆的事情之后。。这个老太婆的判断真的被这个女人的强势给压制了吗?

  3. 真是不能忍受台灣的連續劇, 如此爛.
    一開始, 心怡和辰偉就可以追回去救人.
    再來, 如芬全家人也可以在李家打電話報警失蹤兒童,
    是不是, 製作人為了為了製作高潮和誇張效果, 就認定我們這些看戲的都是傻子, 白痴.
    本來以為是一部有些離譜的劇. (嫚琳, 懷孕騙得過, 李媽和兒子….),
    台灣不只白玫瑰運動要加油, 兒童保護法真的要檢討, 並教育公民, 免得以後有類似的編劇, 把犯罪行為當作只是”比較壞”
    戲中的”彩琳’ 如果是真人真事, 長大後不知道要花多少時間和金錢看心理諮商才能走過這次的”被虐待經歷.
    我提議, 大家拒看所謂 “家庭劇” “姊妹”, 直到製作人和編劇為此鄭重道歉. 不是只有色情和殺人流血的暴力內容兒童不宜. 這種擄人禁錮的內容, 已經是”暴力”行為.
    希望, 台灣的父母們, 愛台灣, 愛家庭, 愛護兒童, 保護兒童, 支持白玫瑰運動者, 支持拒絕對兒童施暴者,都應該加入拒看 “姊妹”, 直到媒體擔當起保存社會良善風氣為止.


    • I totally agree with you.  This child abuse is totally out of line.  Both LZF and his mother are disgusting.  I have stopped watching the entire episode, only skimmed through the previews.  
      They really think us viewers are idiots and uneducated.

        • I agreed. Wife and I used to enjoy this show very much in the beginning but not anymore. The story is just getting too ridiculous now. Unless they can come up with better script which they’re well capable of and stop treating the viewers as idiots and uneducated, otherwise I would rather take a walk.

    • Some of your points of view are correct like CL will definitely suffer from PTSD due to corporate punishment and isolation.  However, imfringement is incorrect.  Yes, the way that the old fart (granny) abducted CL is wrongfully.  However, CL is finally staying with bastard LZF, the biological father who has the equal right to take care of her like RF….Therefore, the Jiangs family can’t call the police for it but they can call for child abuse as they locked her up ….this is a good incident for divorce case. 

    • I cannot type Chinese, so I have to type in English. I agree with the issues that you raised. However, it was a just drama. It was filmed for entertainment purpose. So I don’t  think the director has any intention to show people what to do in a divorce and custosidy situation. I admitted that I love to watch dramatic show such as “Desperite House Wives” because the story is so far from my own normal life. Also, I love to watch this Taiwanese show, but it did not mean that I agreed with all the actions especially kidnapping the child and locking her up in a room. On the contrary, I deeply felt for the child and her mother. Hopefully, if something like it were true, the child protection agency in Taiwan could save this poor little girl and lock the grandmother away.  

  4. I couldn’t stand to see because of the adult’s selfish reason then make the kid suffering! Please just let LZF agreed the divorce. 

    GODDAMMITT…have they every thought what they have done as appose to what others what from them??
    ALWAYSS BLAMING OTHER PEOPLE…LZF AND HIS MOTHER and they ML will pay for it one dayyy  

  6. Oh puh-leaseee OLD WOMAN!!! Your son caused such a huge mess in the first place and there you are sitting there criticising someone else without even thinking twice or even clarifying the situation!!!  You deserve to lose all your money and your only grandchild you deranged old bag….grrrr…

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