Sisters Episode 55

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27 thoughts on “Sisters Episode 55

    • ya. its hard not to feel sad for LZF. he is very pitiful. he wanted so much to hang on to RF n his marriage, but his strong grip and all his ways are totally wrong – give opposite effect.
      Good that he finally just let go, at least now RF have a chance for happiness. Too bad for him, his misery will still continue – with ML…

  1. This drama picked a wrong person playing the role of RF, actually. She is so ugly and does not know how to play this role that make audiences want to fast forward the show……

      • your comment is the most childish one!!!  

        We are watching a show, thus we are audiences not  actors…..  whether or not we can act is irrelevant!   Got it?

    • On the contrast, I think they picked the exact right person to play the role of RF. What is the definition of beautiful or ugly? Those idol singers who can not act but turn to play some main roles in the idol drama, are they pretty? If you try to judge people from their appearance, then I think you are not mature enough to watch this drama.

      • i agree, this hu ting ting is right for RF character – a very protected innocent n shy daughter. she want to be strong n try to the right thing, while pleasing everyone. but this is not always easy to achieve.

  2. 可喜可喝如芬終於從痛苦的婚姻解脫了

  3. 李正方也有他的立场,不过最后大家都成长了。酒吧的对话说得对,李正方也在用他的方式为这个家做努力,但是家庭教育的关系,也就是他妈妈的自私,使他也不太会考虑别人的感受。

  4. Hurray Hurray……Let’s ring the bell……they got divorced eventually……so happy for RF…next is the proposal of Jim to RF….

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