They Are Flying Episode 15

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11 thoughts on “They Are Flying Episode 15

  1. William’s situation is so sad. if it were me…i would leave too.  william’s mother is very scary.  A life being her daughter-in-law would be hell.  no matter how much i loved my spouse…he’s too weak to separate himself from his mom’s control, and too dumb to see how conniving she is. that would destroy the marriage.  Xiao Li needs to leave as quick as possible.  I feel bad for William, of course, and it breaks my heart to see, but honestly, I don’t blame Xiao Li at all. William’s mom is the kind of person I would NEVER want to be around.  

  2. Will’s mom is very cunning and disgusting…what she did an help nothing but drag Will even further away from her…..hurting three of them

  3. 我觉得威廉根本就没有埋怨晓利的理由。之前在医院时,他妈妈问他说到底是爱晓利还是可怜晓利,他就说是可怜她。威廉根本就没资格怪晓利。

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