Pandamen Episode 12

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45 thoughts on “Pandamen Episode 12

  1. [YT] @daXtremeLamer she’s Cindy Yen… new artist signed to JVR Music and just released her debut album last October. She composes and produces all her songs and she was a piano performance major in college. Check her out! she’s an amazing singer!!!

  2. [YT] i’ve finally finished watching all the episodes~(panda n xiao yu <3) but still, i feel that its wonderful to watch this here on youtube~ (the loading is faster)~ n there r many scenes that are not cut. thanks so much for sharing!! will stick to ur channel

  3. [YT] i really love this drama~!! hope the drama ratings in taiwan will go up!! ’cause currently i heard that its not receiving got responses from the audiences in taiwan.. but i hope such a great drama wont go to waste~

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