Pandamen Episode 16

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20 thoughts on “Pandamen Episode 16

  1. [YT] 内奸 is either an ge or the older guy in pan da house…not going to think that it is darren…not say its not possible but if he wants to get rid of leo he can do it earlier…but if you think about it, when jac was caught no one can see him or talk to him but darren says he will pass the infomation to him, (maybe via the other police) but dont forget isnt darren on the wanted list too????

  2. [YT] 熊貓人這齣連續劇 雖然很多地方不smooth 不過劇情很好阿

    畢竟這是周杰倫第一次操刀拍電視劇 劇情真的很不錯

    慢慢品嚐之後 別有一番風味!

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