Pandamen Episode 20 The End

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62 thoughts on “Pandamen Episode 20 The End

  1. [YT] 果然 完結篇最好看!!
    倒是 真的覺得宇豪跟彈頭 的演技 有些許的進步喔

    可是 我真的覺得劉耕宏 很會演耶 尤其飾演壞人 哈哈
    果然 演過很多部就是不一樣!! 周董超帥 期待青蜂俠

  2. [YT] 剛開始看不知道是在演什麼也不覺得很好看但看到後面就覺得不錯 這部戲的女演員都蠻漂亮的 大哥的女人 熊貓俠的女人和熊貓超人的女人都是偶的菜^^

  3. [YT] I think Jay and his team are really creative. But I think this show really targets for younger audience, not the older one. If they want to target the older audience, they have to make the show a lot darker. Still, I think this shows rate very high in both entertaining and educational values. If American kids can grow up with Batman, and Japanese kids can grow up with Karman Rider, then Taiwanese kids can finally grow up with superheros of our own-Pandamen. Cheer!!!!

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