Sisters Episode 36

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20 thoughts on “Sisters Episode 36

  1. 是我失憶 還是編劇失憶?!
    之前在正方, 如芬蜜月時…蔓琳不就知道正方是如芬的老公了= =?!

  2. 要是編劇想正方和如芬離婚,那就會安排曼淋真有小孩,這幾集正方一直良心發現,就猜到如芬可能會留下且選擇原諒。凸!

    • 就是嘛!就是想到繼續下去,如芬(應該)會怎樣才覺得不甘嘛!


      火爆的”消酒雞”事件, 和如芬跟他說要解婚約時那麼的粗暴。


      • 錯有錯著 should apply to RF who was raped by LZF….She would definitely not married to him if she didn’t get pregant.  Just because of her subtle and quiet personality, she likes to swallow all her difficulties and not bother her parents….She even gave up her beloved Jim in his real puppy love to marry LZF that she didn’t love….LZF took it for grant and kept lies frequently to RF, he never respect her a spouse….cos he always thinks he is the main financial support to the family…he has the final say….:(

        • Yes, I am implying that the pregnancy lead to the marriage.
          And it’s so true, RF don’t love LZF, it’s all out of responsibility and obligation.

    • 可是我覺得曼琳跟她媽媽也不是省錢的燈! 我想她媽媽應該現在就在想配套措失了!這樣逗下去還不知倒是誰贏喔!

      • It’s obvious ML’s mom pretended to help her daughter but actually scams for money……what it’s called in Chinese …jia ci bei….you can see ML starts to regret and sorry for what she did ….unfortunately, her mom doesn’t think that way

  3. Basically, ML is not really a bad person who wanted to straight out the situation with LZF, instead, her mom is totally a bitch who ultimately targets for money…she should put behind bars…..

    • If RF found out then she might work for Jim because she always wanted to do what’s right. This way is better!!! Jim might find out and secretly spy on RF cleaning his house. It is more fun this way. We all are hoping for that…..

      • Actually, they can really start their love story that never got it started due to all the issues and obstacles she encountered……:)

    • Thankyou so much for telling me!! I didn’t even know there’s a fb page for the drama!

      So anxious for ep 38’s preview towards the end of ep37. I don’t see it on fb yet. hee hee
      I’m such a hopeless addict.  haha

  4. the biggest mistake LZF committed is telling lies….he likes to tell lies hiding the truth and not choosing to be honest to his wife…..nobody will forgive a lier who always lies…..

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