Sisters Episode 38

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6 thoughts on “Sisters Episode 38

  1. As I am slowly, slowly losing interest in this drama,
    I started watching 女人的香氣 (Scent of a woman) – Korean drama,
    and I absolutely love it.

    Just wanted to recommend it to you guys…

    • dont think it that way…..Jim just tries to lower RF’s workloads (from her own and the job’s) and her life’s easier…’s a kinda love expression instead of impressing her….

  2. yeah…Jim & RF finally met and talked to each other…..hope it’s really on next episode…Pls don’t listen to that bitch (Qing Mei) who ruined RF’s life once……RF has to listen to her heart and make the decision….and XY & RF’s mom pls be honest and help disclose the secret of LZF’s affairs and the mistress to RF…..she should make her decision on her own…..dont count on QM

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