Sisters Episode 40

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38 thoughts on “Sisters Episode 40

  1. 為什麼重心都放在正方和茹分  im so tired of seein them. I want to see more about her older brother and sister-in-law!!! >.<

    • Why? Let’s be realistic.

      If RF x LZF x JIM is not the core of the drama,
      they wouldn’t plan out the drama the way it is.

      The present storyline is built specifically through these 3’s interactions and relationships to their 1st and 2nd degree of social network.

        • lol
          Erm, I don’t think you understood my comment correctly.

          Degree of social network – precisely referring to their social networking.

          The story flow at the present depends on the 2nd degree of social network branched off from these characters,  not among their relationship.

  2. RF has to stand up for herself and CL…she can’t give in and forgive LZF who is a big liar who ruins his marriage and feels no reimburse but points his finger to blame everything except himself……Again, listen to your heart and think again who brings love to you and taught you what love is~~~~~~~~>it’s Jim the one you love …..

    • don’t agree, LZF didn’t ruin his marriage and feels no remorse, it is WML who set him up at the beginning and he’s been miserable for days. he never had the affair and shouldn’t take responsibility for it – all he did was to get clients from WML that gave her the chance to ruin his marriage.

      • LZF also change to be better now and he was frame by WML+mum. its really too bad! if Jim does not exist, i can accept LZF and RF.

        • I think most ppl want RF and Jim together ( myself included),

          doesn’t really have to do with whether LZF loves RF.

          Personally, I think it’s not exactly the “cheating” part that thrown RF off guard,

          but the overwhelming feeling that “all these years”

          it wasn’t easy to maintain the relationship to start with,

          and “how difficult to have things going slightly better now”.

          Now with the misunderstanding that he cheated, she feels completely lost.

          Fact is,
          she is in fear for losing this stability, more than losing him.

          I totally agree with LZF deserves to be loved,

          his whole “relationship” to RF taught him to be a better man.

          But still, to me, the best ending would be first having LZF letting RF go,

          see where life takes them, either “start it over” the proper way.

          Or let Jim take over to give RF the love she wanted.

      • Well, did you remember what had happened when LZF & RF had their honeymoon????? Who couldn’t resist the flirt of ML and lose ten grands????? Who started the whole drama~~~~>LZF and he has no remorse and never tried to confess and tell the truth…how can a normal person can trust him …that’s a no-no to a marriage…worst enough, RF has a low sense of self-protection….so the hurt is double to her….

    • 就算身為觀眾的我,很清楚知道如芬只是”誤會”了正方有外遇。

  3. Why LZF can say something very firmly to demand RF to stay with him….what kinda man he is ???? how can he demand RF to forgive him?? Why and for what?

    XY uses to be very stubborn and why she can’t act like she uses to be and stand up for herself in her serious relationship with CW

    • forgive – really? he didn’t do anything wrong, mind you, he didn’t sleep with WML. I know everyone hates LZF here and wishes RF to rejoin with Jim sooner, but take the facts here – LZF loves RF and tried hard to keep his family, he never even had any feeling for WML. It’s just ridiculous how things went – but was it his intention???????????????????? NO. It’s not like he cheated on RF and tried to beg her back, it’s like he didn’t do anything but have to take blame for the big lies from WML and her mom! 

      • agree. to maintain his family, LZF even willing to sacrifice money and future children, even go against his mom. its really obvious he loves RF above anything. Although LZF is not perfect, but he also deserves to have love.

        • that’s the compensation/ solution to save the marriage….that’s totally 2 different things not apple to apple….besides, LZF’s love is one-way but a normal love is on a 2-way street…RF said she doesn’t know how and why LZF kept saying he loves her…for what???? RF’s love to LZF is no choice but for CL… is it a normal health marriage which can bring happiness to each other…….i guess not..RF said already that she feels what love is when she’s with Jim who taught and showed her what love is all about…

          • I agree! Early on LZF says he wants to pursue RF because he likes how dutiful, obedient, and money-saving RF is, not how he likes her as a person. He just likes how she listens to him and obeys his every command, like don’t buy any cheap earrings, only eat at home, only call and speak to her parents for only three minutes… etc. And even kept RF on a strict 3-small-meal diet while she was pregnant! Why nobody blamed LZF for RF’s malnourishment? Maybe if RF was better nourished during her pregnancy then CL maybe would not be deaf!

            Anyway, I think WML is LZF’s payback, she even used the same “trick” with the wine chicken to manipulate LZF into thinking that they slept together. Don’t forget that LZF did the same thing with RF, and used that excuse to force RF to marry him.

            Sure, LZF may seem like a “better man” now, but in these more recent episodes it is because he is feeling guilty. Actually, it seems that LZF and WML personalities suit each other more, because they happily discuss ways to bring in customers and earn money, etc. So, good luck to them.

      • yes, everybody knew that LZF didn’t have a physical copulation with ML, unfortunately, he offers too many chances to ML to confuse her when he accepted to take those “Free” massages and let her know more about him….In addition, he made such a confusion but had no intention to confess all the truth and facts….he can’t even speak out the mistress…how hurtful to RF if she finds out if it’s her buddy…yes he did lie….

  4. 離婚 !離婚 !離婚 !離婚 !離婚 !哈哈哈哈哈哈
    離婚是上上策 !

  5.  剛看完41集的預告…

    “謝謝你跟你的好姊妹打醒了我,讓我知道以後該怎麼做了” 那一句。。。



    • don’t think it this way….seems like ML starts to work with her mom now and fighting back even though she has no ground to do so……..

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