Sisters Episode 44

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24 thoughts on “Sisters Episode 44

  1. after all the lagging in the drama, i like how this episode has a lot of RF & Jim and CW & XY scenes….sigh…..everytime Jim does sumthin for RF, i keep thinkin if only she chose him instead in the beginning, she would be the happiest person in the world instead of this crap with LZF  

  2. 某年某月的某一天………如芬還記得那天的狀況是這樣的……
      那天她跟姊姊如麗前去逛街,如芬為了閃躲路上奔跑嬉戲的小男孩,撞倒了路邊攤販的推車,攤販破口大罵,膽小的如芬當場愣在原地,如麗頻頻道歉,但攤販卻獅子大開口的要求天價賠償!如麗氣不過,當場和攤販吵了起來,但卻越吵越沒重點,引來一群人圍觀。眼見如麗節節敗退,如芬嚇得發抖,這時,一個樣貌清秀看似嬌弱的女孩出現,充滿正義的幫如麗如芬主持公道,於是衰事接二連三接踵而來, 一波未平一波又起 波波相連到天邊,究竟,這個帶賽胞還會帶來多少的災難呢?讓我們看下去。


  3. 由於李正方母子的自私和愚蠢而摧毀了兩個美好的愛情(RF&Jim, SY&CW)。如芬對婚姻的容忍和對老公的姑息讓這兩個愛情遙遙無期。

  4. RF, don’t listen to QM and make your move on your crappy and lousy marriage…..this is a matter of trust in a marriage…..No matter how LZF, the beast wanna change and make up of the marriage, he is still a person of mean miser….

  5. why there are so many shitty things happened on RF’s older brother?! Dont focus on RF and ZF anymore…tired!!! I rather to see RF and Jim or RF’s brother and his love!!

  6. Jim and RF should marry and bring RF’s daughter to the States. RF’s daughter needs good parents to take care of her health and to provide a healthy family.

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