Sisters Episode 45

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17 thoughts on “Sisters Episode 45

  1. Just don’t understand what RF said she got it and knew how to handle the marital affair……How can a normal couple stand for her spouse keep lying and dishonesty?????? How can she build any trust in such a relationship???? Wake up gal, you gonna move on from this marriage…..

    • i feel RF really made a right decision. she need to consider CL situation – especially now that she have psychological trauma. 
      plus this is the only time i agree with ‘busybody’ QM – RF should leave this family due to her own choice, not bcos of all the bad things WML did.

  2. So what if WML and mum set LZF up? The way that LZF and his mum have handled the situation is too selfish. LZF may say he really loves RF and his daughter, but if you truly love someone, you will put yourself in his/her shoes and will do what is good for the other, even at cost of suffering inconvenience yourself, sometimes even the “inconvenience” of not being understood or appreciated. All LZF cares is what he wants, what he prefers – that’s not love.

  3. grrrrrr *gag* so wanted to throw up when she used that whole we are all women line…not all women are as selfish and disgusting as those two

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