Sisters Episode 46

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24 thoughts on “Sisters Episode 46

  1. I have a question. if anyone still reading this? but in part 3 of this episode at approx 8:20 when XY leaves CW….what is that song called? Thanks

    • Well…..honestly, her acting is very excellent and professional….while for her appearance that she doesn’t have a choice to pick how pretty she wanna be……

      RF just lacks of confidence to make the move to divorce the bastard LZF….she can still live happily with CL rather than taking the risk of breeding cancer for putting up with LZF’s marital affairs…..that’s not worth and stupid

    • Honestly, ML has been a mistress for so long and has been dumped by the married men for too many times.  She definitely has very low self-esteem.  When she bumped into LZF who keeps showing off his loving character that certainly catching her focus….

  2. 我根本就不在乎誰是李太太 我根本就不在乎這個位子! 說的真好!! 要不然還以為人人都搶著做李太太嗎!? 那明明就是我看過最懦弱的男人 噁心… 

  3. Geez…the ongoing episodes are really out of control and making no senses….ML moves in with LZF….more aim for ratings……very ridiculous

  4. good….now it seems like to push LZF to divorce RF by isolating him…..go go RF….honestly, if RF is smart enough, she should know that staying in this marriage is not only hurting herself but also her family, every single one ….esp her mom, the potential second stroke….

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