The Invaluable Treasure, 1949 Episode 19

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8 thoughts on “The Invaluable Treasure, 1949 Episode 19

  1. 有一点不太通,星怡是真正容恺之的女儿,即使容恺之死的时候她还刚出生不久也应该和 顾珩的父亲年龄相仿。顾珩 说把她当妹妹,那么至少星怡的年龄应该很顾珩差不多顾珩才会这么说。怎么可能和两辈人年龄都差不多呢 

    • I don’t think so, the logic doesn’t sound right… when they executed Tang Rui and real 容恺之 ….they were in their 20s… if 星怡 is the daughter of the real 容恺之….he supposed to be late 30s or 40s…..Besides, if 顾珩 is about the same age as星怡, then she must be the third generation of s the 容恺之.  Since 顾珩 is the grandson of Tang Rui.  On the contrary, Tang Rui explained that 星怡 is his ex business partner’s daughter. 

    • 笨蛋…真不知道你從哪裡看到唐銳養的是容愷之的女兒…從頭到尾都沒人說星怡是死掉的容愷之女兒….而且容愷之是四川人, 唐銳說星怡的親生父親是廣東人……

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