The Invaluable Treasure, 1949 Episode 22 The End

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21 thoughts on “The Invaluable Treasure, 1949 Episode 22 The End

  1. 喜歡!!! 我愛!!!!
    有時人生就是慢慢的一步步往前走, 一點點的在進步.

  2. 深深的觸動了心~~~近期好戲不多了,真是一部好戲,感情部分只可意會不可言傳,也沒有拖戲……很棒.

  3. Just watch the trailer of “我再1949, 等你”, it looks like a deep drama too!!

    I will definitely watch it! I’m so glad to see that THERE ARE STILL GOOD TAIWANESE-MADE SOAP!!  

  4. 少見的一部好戲,很難不開口稱讚,看這齣劇沒有浪費時間的愧疚感. 順便一提,薑是老的辣,幾位資深演員帶動劇的生命,讓我叫好連連. 

  5. just wish there were more romantic scenes between the two leads. other than that, this drama is a really good one for a long time

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