The Invaluable Treasure, 1949 Episode 21

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14 thoughts on “The Invaluable Treasure, 1949 Episode 21

  1. 可是五十年前的長頸瓶,到底落到什麼手哩, 沒有落在趙欲震手中嗎? 如何又流失的呢?

  2. it’s too exaggerated…..even though he underwent plastic surgery for facial burn….but his voice would never be changed….how come Zhao can’t recognize him…..???? Unbelievable

      • I bumped into a junior high classmate and didn’t see each other since 8th grade….Well, I still recognized her by her voice not her face when I was in HK last December……..I totally disagree with what you said….Yeah you are right only if the person keeps drinking alcohol…otherwise, it’s another issue.

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