Once Upon A Love Episode 11

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31 thoughts on “Once Upon A Love Episode 11

  1. 經過十年,很多事情都不一樣了.蜜蜜和徐燁在一起不見得是最圓滿的 !!!
    And lots stepfather and stepmother love their stepson or stepdaughter as their own child.

  2. I think it’ll be good if xu yue and mimi make it to be a happy couple, so the family is complete, despite that nasty interferring mother!!

    • 啊!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 拜託你們不要再糾正Nicole這個名字的發音了!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 戲早就都拍好了 每個禮拜一直這樣講 下一集的音也不會突然發對!

      • 不過坦白說,希望以後拍偶像劇的劇組都要注意一下這個問題… 偶像劇特別喜歡設定有錢/在英語系國家生活過的主角/配角,我們不要求每個人的英文都像王陽明這麼流利,但至少發音或重音不要錯得太離譜吧!

  3. Wow a lot of ugly people in this ep and some of them have horrible english speacking skills, but I guess that’s what they (people in the show) are aiming at

    • What’s with XueYue’s Mother’s sister’s lips… They look like the part of one’s anatomy from the other end. Chinese girls should NOT try to get the Angelina Jolie fat lips look… They all look HORRIBLE. AND please pronounce the name “NICOLE” correctly… PLEASE.

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