Once Upon A Love Episode 12

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35 thoughts on “Once Upon A Love Episode 12

  1. actually XuYe’s mum is correct about her grandson’s education. At the end didn’t both Mimi and YiXiang went to the United States for 8 years?

  2. I’m learning chinese and I love this tv serie. I’ve watched these 12 episodes in one shut (15 hours). And I’m impatient waiting for the next one!

    • 我覺得這算是屈服於社會的觀感和看法…..




  3. Rebecca and John make “America” sound so glamorous. Have they seen “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo” on TLC? That’s representing a big chunk of American population. lol  

    • I think I was just enjoying the fact of watching the two talk to each other in english..Completely forgetting they are in Taiwan with parents who don’t speak much english… Loved it when Grandma, Big Sister and Mom kept saying STOP! No ENGLISH! Speak Mandarin!! (Grandma’s not bad herself when she spoke english too.. hahah)

    •  You may not know, that’s how the RICH Taiwanese kids live in US.  They don’t live like a middle-class American, they just live as a filthy rich Taiwanese.  Some mainland Chinese kids do that as well.  Look at  薄瓜瓜, 陳致中…..you’ll understand.

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