Once Upon A Love Episode 13

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30 thoughts on “Once Upon A Love Episode 13

  1. i dont understand how LJY can easily give up a 6yr relationship for someone who he hasnt even been with before…just so suddenly! 
    没有罪恶感,就怎么轻松的放弃他跟rebecca 的感情。。。

    • 徐燁還不是馬上拋棄她8年的女朋友了,

      • Xu Ye is not immediately abandon her girlfriend of eight years,
        Still focus on the wedding day you!!!!!
        Do what says Li Jinyang wrong okay!!!

  2. Hey… I thought this series is only 13 episode???  Can someone tell me how long it will drag.. please. I am afraid of Taiwanese drama being too draggy…. it can be boring ……

  3. i feel like this drama is getting so complicated and draggy; it should have just ended in 13 episodes. T: i’m so sad that wu zhong tian never gets the girl in all the dramas he’s in… ):

  4. 感覺徐燁更深情,前面完全感動我了!


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