Once Upon A Love Episode 14 The End

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67 thoughts on “Once Upon A Love Episode 14 The End

  1. NO WAY in hell they’ll still be the same after EIGHT YEARS not talking, not seeing each other…What kinda BS ending is that?

  2. 看的我大哭啊···小孩子也太!!!懂事了吧!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Very disappointing ending..  The story line in the end really does not make any sense..  However, I have to say 蜜蜜 is an amazing actor.. and 勁陽 ..simply is a good looking guy.. he did his job..

  4. he’s 20… shouldn’t he be on his own by now? :X Especially since he’s been in the States and being influenced by individualism for the last ten years?

  5. is because i didn’t watch the early epois, i found the ending pretty alright, but the only thing i want to found out is, is grandmother died or still alive???

  6. omg.. i firstly thought the story line is not quite good.. but the ending wins.. it sucks!!!

    what is the next solution ? come on

  7. 這部劇本來超好看但是衰左結局 , 唔左易翔之後阿嬤接受就已好完美啦,激氣….!,需要八年嗎?八年後易翔變到這樣子…失望

  8. terrible ending… so rushed and no logical flow… was expecting something much better than this! what a disappointment =(

  9. Great cast but I had to admit that the story sucks…..no logic ending…..like the previous postings…no one aged but the yixiang suddenly so grown up. Bad bad bad.

    •  對呀, 而且沒錢沒工作的。  更扯的是: 才去兩年 英文就 “嚇嚇叫” 到可以寫書??

      問問住過 NY 的人啦, 有可能嗎?!

      本版就有個 “現世” 的例子, 那個叫 Marianne  的, 她的英文就是住了很多年後的成績。 能看嗎?

      編劇大概沒出過國, 沒見過真正的人生。

  10. so 18 year old conceived & gave birth to a son, 28 year old left boyfriend for america, 36 year old reunited with the boy friend. Do they still want to have a kid ??

  11. Wt a waste of the whole drama when in the beginning it started well until the mid and then………………in the end ^^ i laughed out loud …..lol

    • Either way, it’s unnecessary to set the time line so many years later.  It would have been better if they had skipped “8 years later” part and went straight to the ending right after “2 years later”.

      • Agreed.  8 years change a lot of things including the old feeling and attraction to each other.  If you love someone, you wouldn’t wait for so long and let the man sacrifice his best time of years not getting married and having children, especially a man who once loved your child like his own. Also, LiJingYang could have found her after she published the tour book after 2 years. 

  12. no wonder they keep importing korean soap operas, after watching couple of those MIT “dramas”, it is so formulaic and senseless, with economic situation getting worrisome, the script writers should come up with something entertaining, upbeat instead of jerking audiences’ emotion. the real life is already as hard as it can be, we don’t need to watch this kind of mood jerking and “I said so” dramas.

  13. such a lame ending…..><….the first few episodes were so good, and it starts to get draggy towards the end….and the last ep is just ridiculously twisted with unnecessary events…so disappointed…
    10 years and no one has changed except for the kid….
    10 years is way too long for them to be still waiting for each other…….
    i still wished mimi went with xuyeh…..

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