Once Upon A Love Episode 02

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40 thoughts on “Once Upon A Love Episode 02

  1.  please make this video in another web, i mean dailymontion that was suck ever, i cant see anything because the internet so so and even if fast cant see a fluently. please order to youtube for example and make the movie easily to watch

  2. i true hoe someone can eng sub this one. I wish I could but i can bearly wright in eng. I thank all of you that do sub these ep thank you.

  3. 請問有人知道預告那一段的背景音樂叫什麼名字嗎?很好聽,可是我一直找都找不到

  4. Did anybody notice that girl’s hair was braided with a ponytail at first at the end it was just a regular ponytail ?

    • yea, but she could have took it off on the road b/c it was too hot , whatever they make mistakes all the time in dramas ; and  it’s not just one or two either

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