Once Upon A Love Episode 04

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36 thoughts on “Once Upon A Love Episode 04

  1. just wondering but is the main male actor like american bron chinese or smth? coz his english is pretty fluent…or is it like voice over thing….

  2.  Love this show and the main characters ! I’ve been a fan of cheryl’s since love queen, although I don’t find her particularly pretty, I think her acting skills really make her shine.
    I hope my following request won’t be too much of a bother, would it be possible to upload episode 4 for download as well? Anyways, thanks a lot for sharing with us, it’s a really great chance for people like me who live overseas! Cheers

  3. This drama is really much better than I expected!!! Although the storyline is not the most creative, it is quite enjoyable to watch.. it gives a heartwarming feeling…most characters are not overdone like in some other dramas…. I wish the future episodes continue to put a smile on my face 🙂
    Really like Cheryl’s performance…Sunny is quite charming too 😀

  4. thats dumb why is mimi telling him to give up on his dream  and chase his dream at the same time…-_- if they truly love you, they need to support you. not like he’ll never come home…just not now..why can’t they get it

    •  how many people can really do the “if they love you, they need to support you?” most of the love is mixed with an amount of selfishness.

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