When Love Walked In Episode 23

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26 thoughts on “When Love Walked In Episode 23

  1. omg legit yu ru is not even a good actress or anything but its just her character is so bitchy like seriously i hate her in the drama and in real life FUCK

  2. having watched up till now, i just felt like saying something.

    1. everything happens in this show for a reason, and sadly, that is human’s character.

    2. victoria’s acting is indeed not bad!! altho it’s her first show.

    3. lee shau siang’s hairstyle reminds me of the grandfather =x 

  3. yu  ru   acted  it very   well  compare  to  the  main  leading   lady ,   her  mom is such  a bitch  ,  she  just  set    a plan to   break  yu jiang and  ya yin up and   cooperate with bu lai   de to   destroy  the   company

  4. This is my first time interested in a chinese drama and when that yu ru appears, it spoil my mood. I hope Qing Feng will help all of them, 
    Oh ya,  i think there’s a problem with yu ru’s boobs

  5. i hate how she says that they’re both in love to the grandpa. just because YOU acted like you guys were “did it” and took a picture of him next to you not even awake you think that you’re in love?! that makes no sense at all. 

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