When Love Walked In Episode 30

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33 thoughts on “When Love Walked In Episode 30

  1. i think yu ru deserve more than a slap. she’d done alot of harm to alot of people. and i can’t stand yu ru’s “features” while she’s being a bitch.

  2. yu  ru  deserves  that   slap   for   cpllude with  bu lai de  ,  if i were  the mom i would  slap  her   nonstop  for   doing thia 

  3. Yuru ah…..真相都已经被你的弟弟给说出来了…..你 next episode 还要硬狡辩说是 Yayin 逼你的…Who will still believe in what you gonna say?!?! Seriously, WAKE UP FROM YOUR DELUSIONAL THOUGHTS!

  4. I think that yuru will probably go and reveal the secret material which made the crystal ball :X since the Chairman Zhu said that it must be kept confidential…

    • Yep~ I actually also think so too! But i dont think she know the secret formula fo making it rit? If not, things will begin to get even worse again….:(

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