When Love Walked In Episode 27

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30 thoughts on “When Love Walked In Episode 27

  1. shanglin deserves  that  punch  ,   he   is  very   ingrateful     and betray   his   boss  .   yu ru is such a traitor   she   works at   her   former boss  to  be able to  get  the   information   and  tell  it  to   the   foreign guy .

  2. i really don’t get this drama. 
    1. why can’t qin feng tell everyone about how yu ru lied about the whole thing?! i know he did that because of his mom but everyone knows his mom is helping that foreign guy now so he should be able to say it. 
    2. why is yu jiang making things so freaking complicated? why can’t he just be with ya yin and not let yu ru brainwash him. -__- YOU LIKE HER. SHE LIKES YOU. just get together already. 
    3. and i thought yu jiang didn’t want any relationship with that bitch. what does getting married with her have to do with anything?! 

    okay rant done. hopefully the next episode gets a little better. 

    • i also don’t get why yu ru is telling them all of their plans. before she was like “no matter what don’t hurt yu jiang” but SHE’S the one whose hurting him. -__-

    • Please don’t say that about her appearance; the character is not a reflection of the actor. Calling the character a bitch is an entirely different from calling the actor fat and ugly. 

    •  I have that feeling too, but there are 4 more episode see what happen. But I really want Yu Jiang and Ya Yin because they have been through alot. But just wait and see, I want the next episode Yu Jiang found out what Yu Ru have done.

      •  yeaaaa i like shanglin and yayin but i like yujiang and yayin better because of everything that had happened. hope yujiang finds out all the evil deeds done.!!

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