When Love Walked In Episode 32 The End

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94 thoughts on “When Love Walked In Episode 32 The End

  1. I watched this drama because of Victoria.. But I’m so jealous for nichkhun coz some of the things that they did… It was also in this drama… Example, yacht and wedding… Haiz… I support Khuntoria forever~ It’s sad to see that Khun is now with tiffany…

  2. Ha ha. He obviously didn’t go Singapore in the past. Because Singapore of 10 years ago would have changed alot alot alot. It definitely will not remain relatively the same. But good work on the attention to detail and getting everyone to dress like they are in the 90s. 😛

  3. No one like Yu Ru from the start … dont worry Yu Ru i will be the one that protects you. Ever since ep1 i have nvr said bad things abt yu ru

  4. Finally the show ends … after dragging their love on and off … and finally can stopped fantasing on Yu Ru Busty moments . Nice drama but too much dragging Cheers <3

  5. 2 conclusions:

    1. Dubbed so that they all dont sound too different with their different accents.
    2. The last kissing scene was not as bad as the previous. 

  6. want stead or dun want stead? what u all want? u think ya yin is toy meh? play finish then next person play ah? hate this kind of relationship!!! 偷偷啦啦!!!

  7. The kiss wasn’t natural at all, she didn’t kiss back! But the ending was quite good, all 3 guys had someone to love……..
    It’s so sweet! 😀

  8. if   i were  ya  yin  i wouldnt   forgive  her , i would   slap  yuru and   her   brother  for  hurting   me like   this 

  9. ok… i watch because of vic… but i must admit her kiss scene cant make it… but the rest of the moment everything is so sweet!!!! so much love~~ *faint*

  10. I loved how everyone could be paired up with another in the end, they all seemed really happy and joyful. The ending is not too rushed either, though I would have preferred a three couple wedding day, so the three pairs could all celebrate together. But I loved this drama anyhow, it’s the best!

  11. For the entire drama, victoria looks like being forced to kiss calvin. she always can’t wait to pull apart and with her mouth closed…. it doesn’t make their kiss scenes real at all… 

      • Don’t be mean, how would you feel if your favourite artist is being criticized like that by another? Even though I am not a great fan of his, though I still would understand how hurtful your comment may be to his fans or even Calvin himself.

      •  what would a shallow person like you know! Calvin graduated from a top university, he’s so smart and is really friendly to people, whats wrong with his looks? I think he looks best out of Farenhite….you are just jealous. so shut up!

    • OMG.. I stand corrected.. its a triple date.. all 3 couples! Everyone is paired with someone!! Yay! and I love Grandpa watching and is sitting at the same table with all this going on.. HAHAH! 🙂 

  12. So sweet!!! But i gotta say victoria needs kissing lessons.She’s not even moving her lips whatsoever; its just like a smile. Calvin’s doing all the work—moving his lips. Oh what i would do to be victoria.  i’m not hating or anything, i lOVE this series. I’m just saying what i’ve noticed when i see them kiss. 🙂

    • Victoria is part of SM Entertainment and usually in Korean dramas even if there are kisses it is barely touching lol. So maybe she isn’t allowed to do much kissing XD

    •  I think this is her first time in a drama and sometimes it is hard to kiss probably, but the drama I love a lot, I know every drama have a kissing scene, but if you let Vic in three or four more drama she will do the kissing scene with more confident. To see this is her first drama is still good.

  13. @71dcd6e77604d5d9059f86d59cd3854a:disqus 結局不會很奇怪啊
    應該是剪接的問題 我看到的結局是男女主角結婚 皆大歡喜的結局唷

  14. 這真的事結局ㄇ … ??
    他說  爺爺我們回來了 .
    掰掰 :O
    這結局也太突然了ㄅ 0.0
    拜託 在多幫我們加一集好ㄇ 🙁

    • 好像是剪接的怪怪的
      皆大歡喜的結局 超SWEET

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