When Love Walked In Episode 28

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34 thoughts on “When Love Walked In Episode 28

  1. why   did  they    dub   it ?  taiwan   dramas  are   not   dubbed  .   i want   to  hear  their  real  voices   .  they   can  speak   perfect   chinese .   the   foreign   guy  voice   is not   dubbed 

    • It’s produced in China, and China requires dubbing. They probably didn’t dub the foreign guy because his character is supposed to speak off-Chinese, and they couldn’t find someone to dub that.

  2. When I started to know about Yu Ru’s character, I just want to slap her. I get really emotional all the time whenever she smirks, like no bitch.. YOU ARE NOT ALLOW TO SMIRK. But then I realized that I’m getting a bit too emotional… Hey, it’s just a drama, maybe in real life she’s not that bad. And when I search her up, bam she did plastic surgery, face surgery and all those nonsense. I’m just like wow….she’s a fake bitch. Haha…

  3. What’s the name of the actress who play yu ru ?
    I feel really sorry for hate..

    Btw where can I watch this drama with their real voices ?! ;(
    Love this drama… But I don’t like their voices ….

  4. love is not love if both people don’t have the feelings for each other. yu jiang needs to understand that. 
    all he’s being doing is contantly hurting ya yin and now i really wish that ya yin starts developing feelings for shang lin so that they can be together and leave yu jiang in regret.  

  5. There’s only two episodes left and to see the lovebirds together again,I guess the story will end in a haste with hardly much romantic moments together.
    Somehow,I still maintain my opinion that they need to have more intense reaction shown,I just don’t feel the high with this drama though they are good actors.

  6. i want yayin and yujiang together!

    it’s annoying that these people are being pushovers…qingfeng should know that yuru may still be helping bulaite…grrr!

  7. Why cant Yu Jiang understands that love is not a child game, where you can push your love ones to other person whom he thinks they will be happy together eventually.

  8. Will it really be the end for Yujiang and Yayin??

    Why isnt yujiang suspicious that the evil lady will know of them plan for the crystal ball & this debt been known by Yuru ?!?! 
    Didnt he realised that its all a plot?!? 

  9. I dislike Yuru to take advantage of yujiang’s weaknesses to want more things from him! First is fake sex,then comes break off and now even mentioning marriage…..seriously! Don’t she thinks shes always asking for more ridiculous demand to yujiang from time to time?!?!

  10. Why doesn’t Yu Jiang just break it off with Yu ru, but he broke it off with Ya Yin, when he know he still love her, I just don’t get it anymore.

  11. Dont get Mad youtubie98. you’re annoying me you want To know how you always Write First but it doesn’t matter if you’re The first who watch ist and comment it why don’t u Write you’re opinion instead

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