When Love Walked In Episode 26

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17 thoughts on “When Love Walked In Episode 26

  1. qing  feng  mom is  a  bitch  and  also  yiru  ,  why   are  they  keep  messing    up   the    chairman  , the   chairman   is  very   nice to   them  but  they  are   ingrateful 

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    • it’s just a drama. her character does not define who she is -___- blame the director. nothing wrong with the actors acting the way they are instructed

      • Chill… She’s not disliking or hating on Victoria ( Ya Yin’s real name). She just dont like Ya Yin’s character for being so weak.

  3. still the cousin is still acting nice to Ya ying, I wonder when will her brother tells everyone that she is lying, I hope is the next episode

      • Huh.. lol.. then how did you manage to watch thus far? haha..

        The cousin has been lying about going to bed with yu jiang. The brother (ya ying male cousin) was the one who helped his sister took the bed photos of her and yu jiang when yu jiang was knocked out by the spiked drink.. so he knows what really happen btw the cousin and yu jiang.. which is nothing i believe.

        hope this helps 🙂

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