When Love Walked In Episode 25

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15 thoughts on “When Love Walked In Episode 25

  1. shanglin  deserves that   punch   for   destroying  the  company  and  betraying   the   chairman  ,  bu lai de  is so   wicked  and  use    artifice   to  be  able  to  bring   down  the   chairman  and   get  the  company  .  i  hope    ya  yin   will  find  a  way   to  solve   the   problem 

    • actually, i think that he’s acting. he just can’t talk about ya yin like that. i mean it was like a couple days ago when it was obvious he liked her, he can’t change that fast. 

  2. qing feng..are u stupid or being a hypocrite?..you shld have known that ur mum will betray yayin’s grandpa..you shld have done smthing!

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