Peach Girl Episode 04

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150 thoughts on “Peach Girl Episode 04

  1. [YT] Oh gosh, seriously woman! Why are you just standing there & letting him talk to you like that?
    Jeez, they kissed before they even got together & Dong Shi is pissed… dude, you kissed another girl WHILE you were in a relationship… I’d slap you, then dump

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  6. [YT] i agree to F4fanforever1598 vanness know’s already how to speak english so don’t be redicolous about that. but for mr i like him the way he speak english than this language well just for guy’s don’t be get mad..

  7. [YT] In the book Sha hui(sai in the manga) told toji that he could practice kissing on her but actually it really was her that kissed him even though he was about to say no

  8. [YT] First, of all Dong Si is not worth dying over, I would not have gone that far with the window thing. I would forget him, but I will tell the slow poke why in the world would I lie about that girl, you knew me longer than her. and etc, she just better breaking off with him.

  9. [YT] Poor girl, left behind to pay for all that food XD; Hopefully her boyfriend will come soon… And dammit, this show is making me sacrifice hours of sleep!

  10. [YT] Why the hell did she not say that she slapped him afterwards?! (And, OMG, she almost admitted to the fact that she had enjoyed the kiss XD) But… GOD! And Dong Shi is so stupid! And I say again- she’s really lucky she has 3G watching her back

  11. [YT] If Dong-si and xiao tao end up together in the end, I’ll be rly pissed! He is so *&$#W dumb!!! I really don’t like him. He’s cute but that’s all there is to his character. He’s also easily fooled while Ah Li is a lot smarter and he’s sweet! Go AH LI!! 😀

  12. [YT] Dong-si really is stupid. How can he not consider that a freakin’ kiss??? And he got pissed at xiao because A Li kissed her before they got together and she felt a twinge of something?? He really is a piece of work. I want A Li and Tao together. Dong is to stupid to deserve her. let him get played.

  13. [YT] xiao tao is such an idiot. She knows that she slapped him right afterward but she acted all guilty. Plus it was before they even got together. Sha hui may be telling all the lies but tao is stupid for just sitting there and taking it.

  14. [YT] OMG. I am so glad that A Li didn’t fall into her trap! He’s a good guy after all. I was getting worried there for a second that he would actually do it since he really likes xiao tao. But he’s one of the good guys. wooohoooo! 😀 😀 😀 He rocks!!!

  15. [YT] I Wish someday i can meet vanness
    it would be sooooo coool to meet him
    good thing he knows how to speak english
    cuz i dont know how to speak taiwanese but i want to learn how someday that would be cool!

  16. [YT] the three guys that she lives with r like her brothers
    their nice to her and they care thats kool
    also i hope she realizes soon that Ah Li and her were meant to be…

  17. [YT] i dont want Ah Li to work with that stupid GIRL!! NOOO >.< WHAT IF THEY END UP TOGETHER?? nooo! he is too good for her! he is suppose to be a good person!! rarr!!! T_T

  18. [YT] goodness.xiao tao should be with ah li.he’s so much better.he actually cares for her unlike dong si who seems to listen to what sha hui says.that idiot.

  19. [YT] It is Chinese.
    Deal with it.
    If you don’t like it, go create a ‘Japanese’ or /whatever/ it’s called drama yourself.
    If it doesn’t look good; don’t watch it.

  20. [YT] I don’t know who she ends up with but I hope it’s Ah Li. I mean, Dong Si sucks. Unless you’ve given him a reason not to trust you, your boyfriend should always take your word over anyone else’s without question.

  21. [YT] she’s so stupid why wouldn’t she say something they weren’t even together at the time and he stole the kiss from her anyway so it’s not like she kissed him back!!! GRRR!! Girls are so stupid

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