Peach Girl Episode 11

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173 thoughts on “Peach Girl Episode 11

  1. [YT] honestly xiao tao gets on my nerves when she starts behaving like this. i don’t undestand why she is mad
    and even if she is mad i don’t understand why she thinks she needs to act like a baby
    she’s in college she needs to grow up

  2. [YT] I really don’t like how they make Momo/Xiao Toa in to such a whiney bitch. Like how she got mad because the ex sped off w/ Ah Li, and that the ex gave him a gift, neither were his fault. She wasn’t that bad in the Manga.

  3. [YT] not Pocca Sweat, you mean Poccari Sweat. They have this drink in Japan. I find it really good. xD Although I know some people don’t really like it. lol

  4. [YT] Ok I understand that Ah LI has the rep of a playboy, but i think he has done A LOT to prove to Xiao Tao that he likes i wrong or am I just being naive cuz Vanness is so damn cute :-X

  5. [YT] ok one: ah-li is so sweeet wanting to be the father
    two: who else loves his hair?
    three: it may sound wrong but i want sha hui (or watever) and Dong si to be together, cuz like he has no one and you know how in anime the bad girl will sometimes relise her wrong doings and turn good an watever watever but yea =]
    dnt think it’ll happen though theres only 2 more hours left of the show.

  6. [YT] hahaha,, you all should watch the anime and see how many times momo (xiao tao) beats kairi (Ah Li) up, to understand why she hits him xD… Wow I love Peach Girl Live action,, it’s great xD

  7. [YT] Once again Xiao Tao sees a situation in which she doesn’t even know for sure what is happening and instead of standing her ground and grabbing her man and saying ‘he’s mine, back off’ she runs away like a baby. Didn’t she learn anything from her relationship with Dong Si?

  8. [YT] Does anyone else think that Ah Li’s brother kinda looks like the model guy? At least finally everthing is being cleared up! Next one looks really good!

  9. [YT] The ones that Xiaou Tao is looking at on the bulletin board right after the scene where Ah Li saves Ah Cao Jie from those guys. They had stamps on them and there were close ups, but I can’t read that stuff…

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