Peach Girl Episode 09

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200 thoughts on “Peach Girl Episode 09

  1. [YT] ok….aaam…i don’t like the live action…kairi it’s ok and touji and the others are ok….but momo.. :S honestly i don’t like the girl who does like momo hahahaha xD

  2. [YT] You know I’ve never been fond of Eastern Live Action Cinema (if you find a good one tell me. I would like to change) but there are too things I like about this show. Ah Li’s actor is very entertaining and has those same bursts of energy and gentleness that Kairi does. Plus, so far in any version,the anime, the english dub, and this…Sae has a great actress and cute too boot! The music is a favorite of mine too, the opening theme and the back ground music(though not used too often).

  3. [YT] vanness is way too hot and such a great actor but it doesn’t stop there, he’s got the moves too. he is the only asian guy that i like. anyways hope he’ll try it here in US and im very sure he’ll make it big time 🙂

  4. [YT] even so.. I still like Xiao Tao and Ah Li, Ah Li was always there for her even though she liked Dong Si, being able to let the one you love be free, I think that is TRUE LOVE…

  5. [YT] OMG i take back what i said =S…Xiao Tao and Ah Li looks way more cuter together than Dong Si…Dong Si and Sha Hui together are two stupid people who can burn in hell XD hahaha LOL Well my message is Go Ah Li n___n!!!

  6. [YT] no chingen no soporto eto ni en caricatura y lo asen real ¿que traen los asiaticos con aser el mundo de caricatura? tanto miedo les da el mundo real que tienen que fantacear con boberias?

  7. [YT] If I was him, I would have walked over to the ledge and noticed that she wasn’t hurt then shout down, ” hmm pity…. you didn’t die crazy ass Bitch. Maybe next time you will strike gold”. But then again then is DUMB ASS’S part.

  8. [YT] i agree, but thats only convinient for short journies,(like to the bedroom :P) but he had to travel for a long time in the forest up and down hills so he used his head and chose the easiest method, lol.

  9. [YT] i absolutly love you vanness (Ah Li) i really hope the girl gets wit him cuz he is soo cute. He reminds me of my ex. except he wasnt asian…but if he was damn i want him to be as cute as vanness

  10. [YT] i know what you mean. i want her to get with Ah Li but i feel bad for Dong Si because even though he is a complete moron for agreeing to go out with Sha Hui he’s only doing it out of love for Xaoi Tao

  11. [YT] Argh, this is so frustrating! I totally root for Ah Li, but it’s so clear that Dong Si’s and Xiao Tao’s feelings for each other are so strong, that I can’t think of how it can posisbly turn out the way we want in just a few more episodes (for that’s all that’s left)

  12. [YT] XD Ding dong! That’s perfect for him! But yes, Ah Li all the way! He’s the one with the most sense in the entire show and, relationship-wise, is right for Xiao Tao

  13. [YT] I honestly feel bad for Dong Si- this all hurts him so much. D=; He really does care for Xiao Tao.

    And I dont think people can blame him for not telling her. After all Sha Hui so it seems isnt so easy to decieve. I mean you make it all sound so easy.. like Dong Si can just tell Xiao everything, Sha Hui as much as she is a bitch… isnt so dumb.

  14. [YT] shoot that hecka reminds me of me and my friend except there is no dong si….but everytime my friend says something weird to me ..i always push his chair and squish him into the deskk…..i felt guilty xD

  15. [YT] MAN OK…..Ah Li :] is hella nice :3 i have a friend like that i actually used to kinda have a crush on him…but not anymore, were just friends now :] i asked him what he would do if i died and he said ill find the person who killed you and beat them up xD…that was kinda creepy ;P

  16. [YT] no, but then i’m really only watching this bc vanness is in it… i’m 1000% a vanness wu fan and like a 20% peach girl fan. that and the only character i really loved in the manga was the character vanness plays.

  17. [YT] i watched all of them and i still think the manga did a better job w/ah li’s character background, but then, i can’t complain about watching vanness! 🙂 he was perfect for the role!

  18. [YT] i think dong si should like just pretned to break up with her and they see each other went no one is arounld so no one would know are sitll dating

  19. [YT] sha hui is beyond normal.she has a lot of issues that needs to be resolved.she needs to see a psychologist.dude i wouldn’t jumped for a guy because he likes another girl.i would just get over him.what a dumbass.

  20. [YT] agreed.people say that it’s waht inside that counts,but sometimes you can’t help but also look for the outside.if you are good looking but u have an ugly persnality then screw you.

  21. [YT] The funny thing about it is that there really are people like Dong Si and Sha Hui in the real world. Well maybe it’s not so funny but…yeah. I hope I can find a guy that has similar traits to Ah Li…that would be wonderful.

  22. [YT] I think shes suffering a lot more then if the photos were released. Because then she would know at least the one she loved the most was there for her. And you can oblivously tell that shes not awake in those photos!

  23. [YT] It doesn’t bother me to see him pained. He deserves it, he doesn’t know how to be a boyfried and he and Sha Hui deserve each other. First he believes SH over his own girlfriend and now he can’t be honest and tell his girlfriend what is going on instead of dumping her, he’s an idiot.

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