Peach Girl Episode 05

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156 thoughts on “Peach Girl Episode 05

  1. [YT] Oh gosh Finally! She really needed to be 5 fingered across her face! i was waiting for that!XD At the End Ah Li is just crackin u in the backround xD i love him!! <3

  2. [YT] When her fingers twitched when ah li hugged her i was screaming at the computer “Hug him back! He is SO much better than Dong Si! Go for AH LI!!” He is such a cutie!!

  3. [YT] wow! this beautifuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuulllllllllll!
    by kristian vigo from calasetta,island of sardinia italy

  4. [YT] What! she ends up with ah li?! i thought she was gonna end up w/ dong si! i just started this drama and already know who she ends up with! oh well im still gonna watch cuz its a good drama!

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  8. [YT] Ai Li and his flippin hair… its awesome…. flip…. wave…. “look at my shiny hair” … flip….

    he is my fav… in the manga and anime Kailey was always my fav too…

  9. [YT] Something tells me that she will never take this lying down. Actually, I’m sure that she will try something, she won’t give up until she gets what she wants.

  10. [YT] YAY SHE FINALLY ADMITS IT! (That there’s a big possibility she could’ve ended up with Ah Li, though I think there’s still the chance that she will =) )

  11. [YT] Dong’s character is really bland compared to Ah Li’s character. I like Ah Li a lot better. although Dong-si does look cuter with short hair, less dumb too. lol. 😛

  12. [YT] Most ppl say that the Taiwanese version of Japanese mangas are bad but TO ME are a hundred percent “WRONG”
    I think that that the taiwanese version is better like Meteor Garden I like the Taiwanese version Better than the Jap.

  13. [YT] what the heck?he cut his he looks even more unattractive.think he was better with long hair.speaking of hair,i wonder what kind of shampoo vanness uses cuz his hair is all bouncy. straight and xiao tao is so gonna regeret getting back with dong si.

  14. [YT] that girl was really nice and compared to sha hui i think she is so much prettier.ah li is awsome.i think she is starting to fall for ah li.he is so sweet..just keep on smiling.

  15. [YT] i don’t really care if the show is based on a jap manga cuz practically all of the taiwanese dramas that are shown are based on a mangas such as dby,hana kimi,iswk,meteor garden,and more

  16. [YT] LMAO!!! LOOK AT THE FACES HE MADE BEHING HER BACK AT 5:45! too funny .good thing he realized what’s happening though, i wanted to wring his neck, but i still like Ah-Li

  17. [YT] F4 is a boyband formed after the four of them acted as F4 in the idol drama Meteor Garden. Recently, because Japan came out with another version of Meteor Garden(Hana Yori Dango) and there are now two F4s, the F4 w/ Jerry Yan, Vanness Wu, Ken Zhu, and Vic Chou have changed their name to JVKV.

  18. [YT] Do Not Read If You Dont Want 2 Know What Is Happening At The End:

    In The Anime, she’ll be with Ah li… im not sure if this will turn out the same tho..

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